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The Matboard

As with our mouldings, we also stock a large selection of matboard all from our local suppliers. This is a thin, flat piece of paper-based material included within a picture frame, which serves as additional decoration also separates the art from the glass. Our range of white core matting is acid free. Although this is […]

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The Mouldings

We carry a large choice of high-quality mouldings for your frames, and as part of our commitment to maintaining quality, we only use mouldings from local suppliers. Not only does that means we keep our business within the local economy, but it also means that we maintain input through those relationships, and we know that […]

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The Glass

Here your choice will depend on the item behind the glass, budget and the look you are going for.We offer a high-quality Perspex option as an economical alternative to glass, providing excellent longevity and good clarity, providing a great option for many applications.Our glass is available in several types, we commonly use 2mm thick glass […]

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