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Learn how to Protect your Sports Memorabilia

Everyone cherishes someone in their lives. Be it a celebrity or a sportsperson. I am sure you have your super favorites as well. So, if you are a sports fanatic and you have invested a lot of time in getting a t-shirt autographed. You will definitely look forward to keeping them safe and sound. Here are some tips that Sports memorabilia Gold Coast would like to share with you. Let’s begin! 

Go for customised framing

Imagine you finally have the right opportunity to get an autograph, what will you do? Of course, get it signed by your favorite sportsperson and then gaze at it for weeks. But do you think this will make your sports memorabilia last longer? The answer is no. Plus all the trouble and hard work to get one autograph will be a complete waste of your energy. So, make sure soon after getting it signed you get it framed. 

Framing will help you get rid of a lot of problems. For example, if you have autographed photos, they can lead to discoloration after some time and a signature on the football can fade over time. However, you can get rid of all these problems if you frame your memorabilia in time. This is why framing is such a crucial part and Sports Memorabilia Gold Coast can help you with it. 

Things to consider before choosing the right frame for your memorabilia

Before you go for customised framing, here are a few things that you have to keep in mind. Let’s see what are those things and how can it help you get the best frame. 

Choose the frame made out of the right material

There are a lot of things that goes into the making of a frame. Many companies will present you with several frames and matting options. But sometimes you can come across frames that are of low quality. So, for the same, you have to take a few things into consideration. 

To begin with, let us look at matting options. For example, some matting options are inclusive of acidic material usage. In such cases, you can make sure that your matting options are acidic free. For instance, during the matting procedure, the portion of the photograph touching the frame will either turn yellow or lead to discoloration. This is why it is vital to insist on using a material like ‘suede acid-free mat.’

Not only this but make sure that even the backing board used to secure the picture from damage is also acid-free. So, always remember that it is best to inquire about the material before the beginning of the framing procedure. 

Mounting is not as easy as it looks

Mounting is one of the vital tasks because it is a step where your jersey or t-shirt gets mounted on a board, Now, this step is crucial because it is not safe to pin or staple the jersey against the board. It can lead to unwanted tearing. Instead, professionals will always find it best to use a thread. A thread sewn down the jersey will neither stretch the jersey nor tear it apart. 

UV glass will keep your memorabilia safe

There are several types of glasses out there but UV protected glass is one of your best options. Especially considering the fact that UV rays can deteriorate the quality of any product. So, when it comes to picking the right type, both Glass and Plexi come in UV forms. It is also noteworthy that UV glasses are a little expensive. However, if you go for a regular option make sure that you keep the framed memorabilia away from the rays of the sun. Because at the end of the day you are looking forward to protect the sign from various factors. 

Most vitally find the right framer for yourself

Now that you know everything about choosing the right frame for you. Go ahead and look for a framer that meets all your expectations. When you look for a framer make sure you check the background and ensure that your memorabilia is being framed by a professional. 

In addition to this, also look for a framer that is neither too expensive nor too cheap. Finding a good price is a must because it will not lead to a hole in your pocket and at the same time you will get quality services. So, to ensure that you get a good price ask the framer a lot of questions. About the material, they will use and whether they will use UV protected glass, if yes, what is the price, etc. All these questions will help you get an overall idea about the services they provide. 
Sports Memorabilia Gold Coast also offers custom framing and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions. Don’t forget to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to assist you.