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Different Kinds Of Framing Options You Can Use

Every picture has a story to tell, but in reality, it can only be offset truly by the frame you encase it in. There are two probabilities when you get anything framed, either it enhances the picture or memorabilia encased in it or overpowers it. We provide picture framing gold coast and ensure that your picture or memorabilia is what takes center stage and not anything else. To help you with the same, we are spilling our secrets to you today. 

Here are all the popular ways to get the best kind of frame for yourself. 

Types of Frames

The beauty of frames is the sheer number of options that exist for you. The extensive range can be attributed to the variety that exists in everything from finishes to textures.

Today, however, we will be talking about the most popular ones that exist on the market.

Wood Frames 

Ah, the classics. The beauty of a wooden frame is timeless. It exudes warmth and is an ideal option for anyone who is on the minimalist bandwagon. 

There are multiple options that one can avail while choosing wood:

Dark Wood

 If your picture has predominantly warmed tones like red, orange, and brown, you should jump on the dark wood wagon. The most popular kind of dark wood is mahogany and walnut.

Light Wood  

 This is best if colors like blues, greens, and lavender have taken center stage. Lighter woods include oak, ash, and pine. 

Monochromatic Frame (Black or White)

A solid-colored frame can genuinely accentuate the features of a picture when used correctly. No matter what you choose, black or white, they both carry the minimalist seal of approval. 

Black Frame 

If you pick the black frame as your outline feature, then you are saying yes to an elegant and formal look. 

Black also highlights the darker features of the photo and create a contrast with the light ones. 

To balance the severity of a black frame, it is best to use a picture with both dark and light tones. 

White Frame

On the other end of the spectrum, you have a stunning white frame. 

This one has more of an eclectic and casual vibe. 

The weird thing is that the white frame highlights the darker aspects of a picture forcing the lighter tones to blend in the background. If white is what you want for your decor, then the good idea is to place candid, casual pictures in the frame. 

Metallic Frames 

Like back frames, metallic frames to have this stunning, trendy vibe.  The metallic finish elevates the color of the picture. 

This elevation of the picture also takes place because of the coldness of metal. For planned photos like landscapes, family portraits, and wedding photographs, metal is perfect.

Substitutes For A Frame:

If by any chance, frames are not your cup of tea, there are other great options for the transformation of your picture from digital to a piece of art. 


Everyone I know has a love for canvas prints. The canvas was a popular medium to portray art before the emergence of digital. 

You can get your picture printed on canvas and then either frame it or keep it frameless.


This is a highly durable medium to showcase your art. Pictures are printed onto a .45 inch metal panels and then professionally finished.   

These emulate a sleek and modern vibe. 

The entire process of selecting a picture frame might look daunting in the exterior, but with our quick walkthrough, I hope you would have achieved some resemblance of clarity. 

In the end, one advice that would remain evergreen is that trust your gut and select your frame. After all, it is you who has to live with it. If you are still confused, you can always come in for a consultation for picture framing Gold Coast.