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About Us

About Frames has been serving the Gold Coast for over 20 years, and while alot around us has changed in that time, our dedication to craftsmanship and quality has not. When About Frames launched, digital cameras were in their infancy, and digital art was even less accessible than that. Today, we have incredible cameras on our phones, and powerful drawing apps on our tablets, both have changed how we view much of the art we create today.

The world may have gone digital, but we think there is still room for the personal touch, and that has been at the core of everything we do since the beginning. Our approach is about the overall experience, there are no web interfaces with us, you see the real face of the real person who will help you design the best framing possible for your art, and then create it for you. In a world of digital dominance, we think some good old Australian craftsmanship is what everyone needs, and that is exactly what we provide for you.

Our Story

That long history of working with all kinds of art, memorabilia and images has given us the experience to know how to present your pieces at their best, and when new owners took over About Frames in 2011, that understanding was passed on. Tanya is the owner of About Frames, and is also the framer, her skill and passion for framing is obvious in every piece she does, and that is perhaps the thing that we are most proud of. We love our work, and it infuses everything we do. Quality is our watchword, and to see every piece that we frame being presented in the best way possible is what inspires us.

Our Commitment

That drive shines through in all your dealings with us as a company, and we take a different approach that we hope you enjoy. We believe art is a personal thing, whether it is your own creation, a photography or piece of art, or an item you treasure, such as memorabilia, the value is in the emotional connection it makes with you. That is why, unlike many framing shops, we work with you to create the frame that presents your piece exactly the way you imagined it. You get to meet the framer herself, Tanya, giving you the confidence to trust us with your framing needs.

Our Standards

Whether it is a custom frame or canvas stretching Gold Coast customers get the very best service we can offer, every time. That dedication to quality, both of our products and our service, is part of everything we do, and that extends not just to our own craftsmanship and customer service, but to the materials we use as well. We carefully select the mouldings, matboard, glass and other materials we use to maintain the highest quality while also providing an affordable service. Our commitment to providing the best service we can in every aspect of framing is one that gives our customers confidence to return again and again.

Our Selection

For the best picture framing Southport has to offer, we are also proud of our Australian heritage, and to support our local economy wherever possible, we source our materials from local, Australian suppliers as well. All of our matboard and mouldings originate in the region, and we are proud to be able to offer true Australian products for our customers. It not only helps keep costs affordable for our customers, it also helps is in our commitment to creating a consistent quality product, not just once, but time and again.

We think that locally produced, quality materials and local craftsmanship offer the very best framing service possible, and although we might be a little biased about ourselves, our thousands of satisfied customers are testament to our service. Whatever your framing needs, our bespoke service that blends affordability with the kind of personal service that normally puts it outside of most budgets, and our enthusiastic and friendly team are always happy to help you through any framing problems you may have.

Our Process

If this is your first time framing a special piece, we will take you through all the options available to make sure you get the final look that you hoped for, offering advice and guidance where needed to choose the right mouldings and matboards or other materials to achieve the result you are looking for. It is that personal service, you always get to meet your framer, that really sets us apart and why we think that our framing service is second to none.

We know that your art, photographs, memorabilia and other items are special, and always treat your pieces with the same care you would yourself, and our personal approach, using local materials, putting a real face to the framer who will be working with your piece is, we think, what really sets us apart from other framing shops. We value each customer and their art, and as a team work hard to always deliver the best product possible, and the customer satisfaction you deserve.

We love art in all its forms, and through our work we hope to help you display your pieces in the best possible way, giving years of enjoyment to all who see them. Everything we do is guided by our values, and we always work with integrity, honesty and trust, giving you the enjoyable, affordable and exceptional framing service that you deserve.